Every Second Home

by For Hours and Ours

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This is a collection of songs from 2005-2011. Please enjoy.


released July 21, 2012




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For Hours and Ours Austin

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Track Name: Plaster Zodiac
Oh no, we've come back here again connecting dots on the ceiling, forcing angles frantically. I'm inventing a plaster zodiac while you're still somehow sleeping in the corner of my bed.

Oh, you make such angry faces when I'm tired of trying to give up.

I used to be scared that you were weak but I've been living like this for weeks trying to find a future in the dots on the ceiling. Clear intentions melt like candy hearts--cute phrases keep on bleeding in the corner of my bed.

Oh, you make such angry faces when I'm tired of trying to give up.
Track Name: Dirty Beige
I want the conversation cut in half by an airplane with one thousand miles separating us because everytime you knock, I lock myself in a dirty beige book-self. Hey you, remember two weeks ago? Can you think back to two years ago?

Heeeeeey, maybe I'll smile....Hey baby when you're ready to talk about it then baby let's go.

Is this quitting ahead with a gaping hole suffocating in my chest? My mind grazes your number on an imaginary phone and honestly the last two days linger in an amnesia haze.

Heeeeey, maybe I'll smile....Hey baby when you're ready to talk about it then baby let's go.
Track Name: Arise, Ye Captains of Industry!
What happened to me oh so long ago? Back from the brink and we're ready to go. Wonder what puts the grimace on my face. Every single day I feel the pain of the weight.

We were all rabid. It was down to a man but instead of shaking sweetly, we just spit in our hands and said "fuck the way you rock, I can tell by your charm and your arm that you're just another slave to the clock."

You're a tool. You're a bastard. You're a theif. You're a liar. Depression sets in, you just set it on fire. I'll tell you to move. I'll tell you to stand up. Just say "put your hands up and follow me."

Oh we've got nowhere to go. Why can't we just go home?
We've got nothing to show. We've got nowhere to go but under.
Track Name: Red Lights, Yellow Flashes
He's taking chances on romances better left for dead. He's taking chances on romances better left unsaid. The soft sunlight burns through his eyes (mistakes slowly creeping through the blinds).

She still whispers dead frequencies in his head. Almost nothing left: fleeting but never fled. But those purple lips and morning breath kept him coming back. They never said it all, but this is deja-vu all over again.

No when the red lights turn to yellow flashes, he remembers the bat of her eyelashes.
Track Name: Refry King
Loosen your grip on everything you found.
Don't keep time. It won't keep like wine.
(Let it) slow fade away
Your hands clamped down, knees burning on the ground. You bottle places, faces, and sounds. Suffocate the memory (by now).

Tried to save what we had aged. Drink the moment as it dripped away.

Loosen your grip on everything you found.
Both feet planted firmly down. No sleep to speak of in this town. So soak it in, we're leaving now--drink deeply mountain air somehow.

Needless to say, it died today.
Track Name: Hearsay, Gone Tomorrow
I kept a safe distance from you as we sat on a downtown street corner, and the laughter from your friends seemed to taunt my lack of words. And when it all died down, my lips would sputter small talk like a faucet I could not close and I drowned in my own-self doubt.

We threw the sheets because the body heat was simply too much to bear. And the cold air from broken vents shook the blinds and I was still uncertain. But your beautiful eyes kept the conversation away from my second-guessing until you left at my plea.

Now everytime I'm in your area, I look for yours in a sea of cars. And sitting lonely in my room I recite all the praise you deserved but I never seemed to deliver on key.

I never should have said goodbye (you were so mistaken).
Track Name: For Years
Looking into your eyes I can see for years in each direction. And every blade of grass, every gust of wind reminds me of how much I love you. And I love you, but you hardly say a word.
Track Name: A Chant Song
Remember what we said. What we did, where we did, I can't say. It's just that the points between B and A were just the easiest in which to stay.
Our minds are moving too slow; we fall off our words.

Maybe when we said, "I don't know what to say," it's just that the points between B and A were just the easiest in which to stay.
Our minds are moving too slow; we fall off our words.

Life can be a constant test of our strength when the blessings turn to curses, crying on my couch trying to sleep and the TV's fighting to stay in the background. The shackles around our necks we put on ourselves, duck tape was instigated in to our mouths. It's not that something's missing, something's there we don't want. By now I figured you'd be spitting on the ground I crawl on.

All we said, we did, is done.
Track Name: On A Weekend
I built these walls to climb. Left it to you to find holes in silent conversations (gaps as wide as constellations). Figured we'd find that place to keep that secret safe (finger-crossed imaginations of what's considered moderation). Outside it's almost two, inside the thoughts of you slip from pseudo-jubiliation into vocalized frustration. Thought I'd escaped that bind, then we crashed at that stop sign.

Stars navigating my destruction. Doors locked (ignoring interruptions). Pass out wishing it was nothing. I instigated my destruction.

We try on false convictions on a weekend.
Wake up with fleeting conflicts on a weekend.
Pepper periods

Bet on what I know best: you'd be there with the rest facing me across the table with eyes cast needy and unable. Whisper all that you want. They think there's nothing wrong. We're well-practiced in enjoying glances we seem to be avoiding. I tried to say goodbye. That's when he waved that five. "One more isn't gonna hurt you." I'd beg to differ, but it won't do. You're giving me a ride. Funny it's you that lied.

I'm asking, "please pull over." Miss me doubled over or talking in my sleep? I miss my passenger seat.

We're set in the subjunctive, now it's everything we say, wishing that there was something that could make this go away. Let's keep concentrating on my past offense and it will make the future tense.
Track Name: Captions To Clarify
The cracks in the gravel are now just mistakes that used to be art found in uncommon ways. A "Starry Night" in a
Track Name: Reaching Your Shore (Demo Mix 2)
I dreamed that you were here again and by the way things have been, I don't know if you'll be back.